Metrology Lab

Metrology lab is developing selling and maintaining high end specialized measurement tools for Industry and Laboratories.  

Series of 3D laser Scanning Systems for Seam Tracking during Robot Arc Welding, Quality analizes, Inspection. The series include number of products with application in different areas in the field of inspection and control. The flagship in the series - Skyblue is focused on Arc weldin seam tracking and measurements. DeepBlue the most advanced model is used for underwater scaning. SmartBlue is applicable for metal inspection. Based on SkyBlue SmartBlue incorporates  additional functionality for inspection purposes. The high end models incorporate ultrasonic inspection in combination with the laser scanning.  Our new born member of the family will be LigthBlue. LightBlue is similar as capabilities like SkyBlue but it is inteded to be used as preweld scanning tool. Some typical use cases can be seen here. Due to the special design LightBlue is an economic variant which can be used for positioning tasks. It eliminate the need of buying expensive realtime protocol extensions required for KUKA, ABB, Yaskawa.

PCR is an important method for significant amplification of DNA and RNA samples. The basic in the methodology is the so caled Polymerase Chane Reaction (PCR). By executing the PCR on each cycle the interesting fragments of DNA (so called primers) are duplicated. Executing the procedure e.g. 40 times would deliver 1,099,511,627,776 copies of the primer this gives the theoretical possibility to make an analises for a single DNA or RNA molecule (in RTPCR) using a Gel Electrophoreses subsequently.  

Application area is very wide in the genetic researches and technologies:

The advantages of the q in qPCR - realtime PCR. Due to a special spectral analyses of the samples in real time it is possible to determine the real quantity of the obtained DNA/RNA replicas. This delivers information about (quantyitative PCR):

The thermostat has a very flexible programming mode including channging temperature ranges in the subsequent loops. Custom loops with practically unlimited number of different steps (1 000 000). Unlimited loops - suitable for long PCR. 

The basic charachteristics of the core engine include 

Micropositioning system for optical microscopy (Available now). The micropositioning system allow defining trajectory-planing for a paralle kinematic machine. Different applications in microscopy and lab micro positioning are developed.