ABB with Light Blue following a path. The corrections are done with RWS free ABB protocol and uses PathOffset(612-1): 

ABB with Light Blue - Same path as above without correction

KUKA with Light Blue - Following a moving object.

Ligth Blue the economic solution for seam positioning

Light Blue is the newborn member of our family of laser scanning systems for Welding robots. In some cases it is enough to use a laser positioning sensor insread of laser tracking sensor.  Laser positioning is operating in similar way but not during welding. It does not provide data in real time but supports all tracking and measurment information. This simplify the implementation and this way significantly reduce cost at the penealty of additional prescanning of the workpiece.

Parameters of ligth blue:

The system has three components. Controller, Sensor and POE injector for sensor power. Control is done from user PC runnig Light Blue client in java.