Purpose of the system

SkyBlue is a standard laser vision triangulation camera which can operate in welding conditions for seam tracking during welding. 

Tecnichal Parameters

System Architecture and cabling

The system consists of three components Measurement sensor, Controller, HMI Display.

Measurement sensor

Measurement sensor does the actual physical measurements of objects located in the laser plane Measurement sensor is connected to controller to appropriate connection interface (see below controller) with high quality cable. 


The controller gets images from the measurement sensor and does the appropriate conversion and processing to geometric objects of the specified preset.

 The interfaces of the controller are dedicated for specific purposes from left to right:

1. HMI display or switch to HMI and external pc.

2. Debug interface intended for servicing, remote access etc. The IP configuration is obtained by DHCP on the network where the controller is connected.

3. OFF

4. Interface to robot. Preconfigured to IP configuration can be changed from the client.

5. SkyBlue sensor connection. 5m gray cable CAT7 and 10m blue cable CAT6A are provided.

6. Not used. 

Sensor interface is POE enabled and controller is powering the sensor. IP address is factory defined and is not intended to be changed on the field.

HMI Display

Provide user interface to the controller and parameterization of pattern matching for successful seam tracking. 

Multiplatform Client writen in Java

Supported robots

Blue systems support one of the most large list of robots and protocols.

ABB (Available)


FANUC (Available)

KUKA (Available)

BECKHOFF PLC (Available)

CLOOS (Q3 2021)

HYUNDAI (Q3-Q4 2021)

KAWASAKI (Q4 2021)

STÄUBLI (Q1 2022)