Wataer Cooling

Portable Chiller

Product description

HS-BC series is a multi-purpose, portable constant temperature chiller, which uses a small compressor as the cooling core, and it uses AC 220V power supply. Solve customers' needs for small refrigeration equipment and need to move.


·         Adopt well-known brands of small compressors, miniature water pumps, and efficient integrated heat exchangers;

·         Imported compressor is adopted, which is compact and easy to carry;

·         Low vibration and low noise;

·         Perfect fault alarm system;

·         The water inlet and outlet are easy to connect with the instrument;

·         Low price, high durability;

·         Optional heating device, water quality protection device: filter, resin exchange, etc.;

·         Can provide RS-485 or RS-232 communication.

Product parameters

Application areas

The product is widely used in medical, cosmetic industry, laser cooling, molecular pump cooling, electronic equipment, laser cutting machine, human body cooling, scientific experiments and other fields.

Tubes and connections

Tube and connection up to 5m for connection to Sensor module included.