Protective glasses

Consumable used to protect SkyBlue sensor from welding spaks and smoke. The protective glasses needs to be replaced on a regular basis depending on welding conditions.   

Robot-SkyBlue Calibration Plate

Calibration plate is used for precise calibration of Robot to Camera mounting. 

SkyBlue Camera Calibration Tool

After long time of operation due to vibration and aging of the materials it is possible to get a minor decalibration of Camer measurment device. The Camera Calibration Tool is used to fine adjustment of teh camera in custemr premisses for obtaining standard precise results.

Water Cooling for SkyBlue System

In case camera robot system does not use water cooling a separate small cooler can be attached to the camera to allow effective cooling of the camera system and prolongate the life of the sensor.

High power water Cooling for SkyBlue System

The High power cooler 800W can be used for cooling of SkyBlue and the welding torch if water cooled welding torch is used.


This option include spare cabels for connecting SkyBlue componnents and power supply

Power supply

220V AC to 24V DC 1A mini power supply for test setup

Robot Mounting

Universal Clamp